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Thread: A Shortish Ride

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    Smile A Shortish Ride

    Got back a couple of days ago from my longest ride yet.
    From home to Colac in Victoria (VIC) A total of 4800kms round trip.
    Longest day runs were was around 800kms two days in a row. A good time to travel south as the roads were relatively quiet, apart from my Sunday transit through Sydney.
    North of Sydney I had tavelled a shortcut taking Thunderbolts and Buckets ways between Uralla and north of Raymond Terrace. This is a great motocycle ride with lots of nice scenery also.
    I followed the Princes Highway down the coast to Metung (near Lakes Entrance), then to Melbourne and out to Colac where I spent Christmas.
    I rode a portion of the Great Ocean Road (Angelsea to Apollo Bay) whilst there. Unfortunately at a time when there was festival on, so any speed was nil and a 20minute ride too just over an hour crawling along on the inside of the slow moving carpark,...avoiding legs protruding from windows, car doors being opened without notice etc.
    The journey home was pretty much a straight run on the shortest route with a slight diversion via Echuca VIC. I like this place because it has old working steam paddleboats. I had to wait to see one fired up and depart. It is on the Murray River. Heading north from Echuca I took a back road and with the long straights took the opportunity to open the throttle a bit wider.
    The last day was very trying and tiring. The air temperature reached 38C/100F and I had to stop about every 30 minutes for a swig or two of water. I called it quits after 500kms and stopped at Goondiwindi about 450kms from home. A good decision as a wild thunderstorm was soon above and very wild winds. I actually got drenched in the rain as I was buying some breakfast food.... It was very pleasant.
    The previous night's storm cooled everything down fro a nice final day to home. I had to wear my rain suit for the first half as there were still passing showers.

    Suddenly back to more friendly waves from fellow motorcyclists...we are all avoiding the dreaded cagers!
    On the Sunshine Coast, in the Sunshine State Queensland (QLD), Australia

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    Sounds like a great ride, Rex. 500 miles a day is a very good distance if you're on a crotch rocket, still a more than reasonable distance on a tourer - what where you riding? I'm going to see if I can trace your route on Google Earth, not too bad if the areas are in high resolution but, sadly, a waste of time otherwise as all detail is lost.

    38C, hot but preferable to the -5 to 0C we have had for days now. Even though it is not raining the roads are still damp and covered in wet-salt so the Honda stays firmly in its shed for the time being - still, Spring is on the way!!!!

    Die dulci fruimini!
    Wolds Bikers, Lincolnshire, England.

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