If you ride hard and fast, or do regular track days there is always the chance that a minor 'Off' will cause havoc not only to yur plastic but also to your engine cases. Pyramid Plastics can provide the ideal, relatively low cost, solution as Al Dowds of Superbike describes.


Al wrote;

Ever fallen off? Then you'll know what a mess crashing can make of your engine. Frame-mount mushrooms are an option, but the smart money is often placed on tough engine covers instead. Bonded- or bolted-on carbon/kevlar covers can prevent your motor's aluminium cases from smashing - keeping the oil in and track debris out.

Enter these new covers from UK firm Pyramid. The kits are MCRCB (Motorcycle Racing Circuit Control Board) approved, and include bonding adhesive, or they can be bolted on.

Prices from 149.99

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