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Thread: Model T. Ford.

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    Model T. Ford.

    Some interesting car history...........Good video on the Model T. Ford.

    Neat to see those guys making the old wooden wheels, by hand mostly. Video here of Henry riding the 15 millionth Model T off the production line. Enjoy the film.

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    I suppose everyone knows the story of how Henry specified shipping crates and palletes from his suppliers with special dimensions, and sometimes with mysterious holes drilled in strategic places, so that he could rip up the boxes and use them as floorboards for the Model T? Well, a friend who was working as an efficiency expert consulted with a pallette maker here who was still making them Henry's way into the 1980s. When it was finally discovered what the superfluous holes and cuts were for, of course a production change was ordered. I suggested they should market them for the Model T restoration business, but of course no one thought much of that idea.

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