As a real, paleo conservative, I am skeptical of things like the Fairness Doctrine. Signs of its supposed inevitability are everywhere. My local radio station WFLA 540AM in Orlando got rid of a morning talk jock about 8 months ago and switched to an all sports format in the 5-9AM hours and features a stupid program called "The Finish Line" in the PM.

It would seem that they are punishing local small time talkers first before the Democrats restore the doctrine in full order.

I hate to admit it, but I listen to Limbaugh or Boortz during lunchtime and Hannity after work. I sometimes agree with these boors, . sometimes not. It would appear that they are mostly conservative. They make good conservative noises and they claim to have stopped immigration reform and national health care (way back when), and even were responsible for the Republicans taking "power" back in 1994. If you take a more careful look, however, they may be a trojan horse for the paleo-right, of which I am a member.

It seems as if their presence on the air creates an even larger disconnect between members of congress and their constituents. Many of the callers, who won't take 5 minutes to send an email to members of congress, will spend 2 hours waiting to get on the phone to talk with these bozos. Their presence gives the anti-American left wing a lightning rod to strike at, marginalizing real conservatives.

I detest and despise the fact that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Boortz claim to speak for people like myself. They don't. They're all free traitors and corporatists who have stolen the conservative banner. If it meant that we remain a minority for a while, these people should step out of the way and let the Obama's institute their stupidity. Ulitimately, it is up to us to stop it, not Limbaugh, Hannity or any others.

Let us not forget - we elected the most conservative administration of the 20 th century while the Fairness Doctrine was in effect - Ronald Reagan. Maybe we should allow this to take place if it would get rid of Hannity, Limbaugh and Boorts, the horrible trioka of talk.