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Thread: State-by State Idiocy

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    State-by State Idiocy

    Well, folks, it's time to get active on a state-by-state level to stop the latest idiocy. In conjunction with the feds, there is now talk about taxing mileage and not just fuel consumption to fund highway-related projects.

    Now, let's think this through. Once you hold your nose and reach down into the plugged sewer line to get to the heart of the matter, you have to see this as an incredibly stupid concept for the following reasons:

    ... GPS might be employed to track your driving (where, when and probably how fast)

    ...Where's the incentive to conserve (which is a sham anyway)? How about all these folks who have bought hybrids, or are salivating over their opportunity to get fuel cell vehicles? Looks like they're going to have to pay a new use tax on top of the reduced consumption tax they already pay. And don't give me any bull about the "greenies" NOT looking at their bottom line: the cost of fuel.

    ...The argument against above is that the "greenies" might propose a lower, or a "tiered"-down mileage tax down for those driving "eco-friendly" vehicles. Is this essentially fair? I say not. What about those of us who have significant negative equity in our gas-sippers? Here's an idea! How about new vehicle vouchers for us? Just like the vouchers for digital TV converter boxes (the feds can't even get this right).

    ....Finally, who gets hurt the most? Can we all say SMALL BUSINESS! The so-called engine of the economy.

    You truly could not MAKE this stuff up. My father always used to say that "truth was stranger than fiction". It's time to get the NMA, in maybe an unholy alliance with with the National Trucker's Association, to throw up roadblocks on this, and we'll have to fight it state-by-state, as well as in Washington.

    Just as a postscript, if you follow federal logic, and accept the argument that a new NMSL would save fuel consumption, then, under the current formula, we're seeing states and the feds falling short on infrastructure-dedicated revenue. Can our collective governments (local, state and federal) screw things up any more?!


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    Another angle about this that bothers me is it could be used as a means to outlaw older, pre-computer cars - since fitting them with GPS would be difficult.

    Filthy bastards. Conrad was right: Exterminate the brutes!

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