The used RV dealer who sold me my 2000 Tioga a couple of months ago claims they made a mistake. They forgot to do a CA smog test. Well, I have been keeping the RV here at my Reno, NV home, but made arrangements to go get it smogged in Truckee, CA today. The dealer said they would pay for the smog test.

The dealer and CA DMV recommended this place. So we drove it to Truckee and then they (smog test place) discovered during the last test it was a "gross polluter" so they said they could not smog it, but a "Gold Shield" (needed for gross polluters) and "enhanced" (means they can smog it for a different county) place in Kings Beach, CA could.

Carfax shows it was a gross polluter, but it also shows it as being repaired and smog test completed and it passed last December 2008, just a month before I purchased the RV. But neither CA DMV nor any other place has any record of it passing.

So we go to King's Beach and have it tested. It fails, but not by much. But it's still a "gross polluter" because it has not been TOTALLY repaired. The smog test place says since it failed, they canNOT fix it because it's the dealer's responsibility and they broke the law by selling it to me without completing the smog test.

Now, I have to call the dealer when they are open and see what they say. I might just have to drive it back to them and let them deal with it, as they are supposed to by CA state law.

We wasted most of the day with this, along with several gallons of gasoline. Don't mind that so much, but I do wonder if I will ever get this thing registered.

BTW, I cannot register it here in NV until it's complete as registered in my name in CA.

-Don- Reno, NV