I just had to replace a light fixture I installed in our house less than six months ago. Made in China.

My wife got suckered by those TV ads for the Snuggy - you know, the comfy-looking robe thing for keeping warm while you watch the tube?

POS arrived in the mail and it's gauze-like flimsy shit. Made in China.

Tainted toothpaste? Lead-laden kids toys? Made in China.

Not surprising, of course. A slave state in which everything is made as cheaply as possible to make as much profit as possible is guaranteed to produce such crap - and we're idiots enough to buy it. We exchange our manufacturing capacity - and reasonably well-made stuff - in order to screw American workers out of a living wage in order that we can purchase low-grade shit from the commie Chinese.

Well, enough for me. I now go out of my way to shun anything that comes from China - from canned seafood to electronics. I encourage the rest of you to do the same.

It's bad enough we've lost our ability to make things; intolerable that we now have to put up with crap goods financed by our short-sighted stupidity and the greed of corporate America....