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Thread: So, What Else IS New???

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    So, What Else IS New???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Rose View Post
    I think "road rage" is a function of overcrowding. When we lived in the DC area, it was routine to see angry, frustrated drivers doing rude, stupid things. But since we've moved to rural SW Virginia, I can't recall the last time I witnessed "road rage." Reason? You can get where you're going without enraging hassles. If you do come across, say, someone doing 20 under the limit, it's an easy thing to just pass them. But in overcrowded areas, not only is it much harder to get away from/around the inept - the inept (and outright assholes) are everywhere. Get by one - there's another right ahead. Everyone is forced to the level of the least common denominator - and that includes traffic laws (and enforcement) both of which are relentlessly dumbed down. (Example: right on red gets changed to right on green arrow only because a handful of incompetent/marginal drivers can't do it safely. A few accidents later, the old right on red is changed to no right on red. Etc.)

    That's what's enraging. Just like it would be enraging to have to share your bathroom with 30 other people.

    Overpopulation/too damn many people is at the root of almost every major problem we're dealing with.
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