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    2009 Infiniti G37

    Sometimes, the competition is so unequal it almost feels mean-spirited to make comparisons publicly. You may feel the same way after considering what Infiniti's G37 has to offer vs. what you get elsewhere.


    The G37 is a high-performance luxury sedan/coupe that competes in the same general class as BMW's 3-series, the Lexus IS, Audi A4 and Cadillac CTS. Base price for the sedan is $33,250 - topping out at $35,750. Coupes start at $35,900 and run to $37,000.


    All-wheel-drive is optional on both versions and a retractable hardtop coupe will join the lineup later this year, possibly as an early 2010 model.


    Head-kicking power from the standard 328 horsepower 3.7 liter V-6, which boasts almost 100 horsepower more than the BMW 3-Series' standard engine (and nearly 30 more than its optional engine). Brilliant handling, superb finish (including self-healing paint). You can get a manual transmission as well as a seven speed automatic.


    Busy controls for GPS/audio/climate control with clumsy "mouse" that will bring out the Luddite in you.


    Both G37 coupe and sedan come standard with a 3.7 liter, 328 horsepower V-6 that can be teamed with either a six-speed manual transmission, seven speed automatic and rear or all-wheel-drive. 0-60 times are in the low 5-second range, depending on the transmission and whether you go with rear-drive or all-wheel-drive (the RWD/manual versions are quickest; AWD automatic versions - which are heavier - are a bit slower).

    The strength of the G's powertrains is compelling. Consider the almost 100 hp gap between the G37 and the 230 hp BMW 328i sedan - which still costs $33,600 or $3,250 more than the G37 sedan. Step up to the $42,200 BMW 335i and you get 300 hp - still 28 hp less than you get in the G - for about $10,000 more.

    The 204 hp, $31,305 Lexus IS250 is even more outgunned - and while the 306 hp, $36,755 IS350 comes closer - and is a better deal than the obnoxiously priced BMW 3-Series - Lexus won't let you order a manual transmission with the more powerful engine.

    Only the smaller V-6 in the IS250 comes with a six-speed stick.

    The $31,000 Audi A4, meanwhile, is four-cylinder powered (211 hp) and front-wheel-drive. By the time you get to the V-6 and Quattro AWD, you're looking at $40,400 and a so-so 265 hp. The Acura TL is likewise a front-drive car (with AWD) optional and both its standard 3.5 liter V-6 (280 hp) and its optional 3.7 liter V-6 (306 hp) can't match the G's standard V-6.

    And - the TL is also automatic-only.

    Even the athletic Cadillac CTS can't keep up. Its optional 3.6 liter, 304 hp V-6 can be ordered with a stick but its 0-60 time is almost a full second off the pace of the G37. And its price is significantly higher, too - $36,560 for the base model (with the weaker 258 hp V-6), $38,860 for one with the 304 hp V-6.

    Gas mileage is pretty good - given 328 hp: 18 city, 26 highway with the automatic. Manual versions are actually slightly worse - 17 city, 25 highway. AWD equipped "'x" models with the automatic are right in the middle - 18 city, 25 highway.


    The G37 is a very aggressively tuned car with sharp reflexes and needle-sharp steering feel. The enthusiast-minded driver will love its almost nonexistent body roll during high-speed cornering and (in RWD versions) the fun you can have breaking the back end loose and seeing how quickly you can burn the tires down to the wear indicators.

    AWD versions aren't as frat boy raucous - but have an even higher threshold of grip and will let you get to work when there's snow on the ground, too.

    Ride quality is pretty firm, though. BMW still has no equal when it comes to building cars that corner like race cars but still drive like luxury cars.

    All in all, the G reminds me of my Alpinestar motorcycle leathers - it's tight, right and feels built for speed.


    The G looks very much like a two-thirds scale version of the larger Infiniti M35/M45 but with a less cluttered front end and tighter overall proportions. It's easy enough to mistake one for the other, unless you park them side-by-side. It's an attractive and expensive-looking car but not one that really stands out like the grinning gangster Caddy CTS.

    This is a pro or a con - depending on what you're looking for.

    The interior, too, is similar to the M35/M45, with the chief downside being the fussy mouse/knob thing on the center stack that you have to negotiate in order to use the GPS and other functions. On the (very) positive side, the G features a tilt-up/down gauge cluster that moves with the steering wheel. This way, you can adjust the wheel to your liking without losing or obscuring your view of the instrument cluster. This is a smart design feature that more cars should have - but don't. Back seat space is tight in the coupe - but it's there. You may not want to put passengers there but having the extra space for stuff makes the car a lot more everyday-friendly than any two-seater.

    Self-healing paint is another nice touch. The paint remains semi-pliable and when it's scratched, gradually fills in the gap as it expands and contracts over time.

    Coupe versions have really small trunks - 7.4 cubic feet. Sedan trunk space is almost twice that at 14 cubic feet.


    Infiniti vehicles radiate precision and top-drawer workmanship. The fact that you can buy a G for as much as ten grand less than a comparable BMW speaks volumes. Resale/trade-in values have held up better than average, too.

    All trims come standard with front seat side-impact air bags, full-row curtain air bags, traction control, stability control and ABS. Adaptive cruise control - and automatic-cinching seat belts in case the system detects an impending crash - are available optionally, along with Adaptive Xenon headlights and a rearview back-up camera.

    One thing I really like about Infiniti vehicles is that they don't shriek like an overzealous grade school hall monitor if you don't immediately buckle your seat belt. Virtually all new cars do that. But not Infinitis.

    Not yet, anyhow.


    If power and speed are what you crave, Infiniti is making you an offer that's hard to refuse.
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    Eric -

    I believe you meant the Cadillac CTS. The Catera has been out of production for 7 years.

    Jawol! Thanks for the catch.
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