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Thread: Cash for Clunkers

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    Cash for Clunkers

    The Cash for Clunkers movement appears to be getting traction in Congress.

    If this passes, I may have to speed up my plans for buying a new car. Not because I want the bounty (my CR-V is already too fuel-efficient to meet the proposed rules) but because there will be a surplus of older cars being traded in (so my trade-in value will decline) and possibly a shortage of newer cars (meaning I'll have to pay more)

    Chip H.

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    It never ceases to amaze me, as fast as one of these "cash for clunkers" bills gets introduced and then killed another one gets introduced. Our representatives don't get it. Leave our old cars alone. If they want to offer incentives for buying new cars, they need to leave old cars out of the legislation.

    A "cash for clunkers" bill will eliminate a lot of classic cars and make it very hard to find old - out of production parts that current classic cars need to keep running.

    For anyone interested in fighting this madness visit SEMA PAC and see how you can help or contact your US Congressman or Senator and tell them "NO" to this "cash for clunkers" bill:

    Here's the latest letter from SEMA PAC from May 12, 2009 concerning this issue:


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