So - today I went and saw (and test drove) the '75 Fleetwood Brougham.

It is a nice old barge; spent about 20 minutes in it, with my wife - who also drove it.

The AC needs something - maybe just a recharge, maybe something more expensive.

But otherwise, she runs and drives very nicely given 34 years and probably very little use the past 15-20 years. The owner is in his 80s; the car was bought in '75 by the same guy who still owns it now.

I like the thing - and want to buy it. $3900 asking price and I bet he'd take a reasonable cash money offer below that.

My only hesitation is this:

The car is literally monstrous. Almost 20 feet long and it will barely fit in my garage, next to the Trans Am. My bikes will have to be relocated to my guesthouse (in progress). That part is probably ok. But I need to ponder over having a garage stuffed to the gills, literally, with Cadillac.

If I had a bigger, three-car garage, I'd absolutely buy the Caddy. As it is I have to sleep on it. Tomorrow I am going to move the TransAm to the second bay (Caddy would occupy the first one) and see how much room that leaves to walk around/get to things.

I will keep you all posted!