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Thread: 2009 Ford F-150

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterdecibel View Post
    Amazing that in 30 years Detroit has learned nothing.
    That's a silly statement.

    The US industry is guilty of several things - among them, partaking of the outsourcing of plants and so on to Mexico and China (which undermines the ability of Americans to buy vehicles they can no longer afford). GM should have consolidated its brand structure to no more than 2-3 divisions at most. Etc.

    But this whole line of talk that "they should have been building fuel efficient cars" is just bunk. A myth sold by lying interest groups and an ignorant, complacent media.

    Here be de' facts:

    Until gas prices suddenly charged up to $3 per, compact cars were what's known inside the biz as "loss leaders." Little or no profit per car. That includes Toyota, et al. They were made almost entirely to balance out the CAFE equation.

    The money was in larger vehicles, mid-size cars, large trucks and SUVs. These were the volume sellers. The Toyota Camry (19 MPG city w/V-6) being Exhibit A.

    Hybrids are money losers. Toyota sells every Prius at a net loss.

    Before gas prices suddenly spiked, the mainline Japanese brands were desperately scrambling to build huge SUVs and trucks that "guzzled" with even more gusto than the offerings of the Big Three - with names like Titan and just as enormous.

    They each sell big sedans with gas-slurping 300-plus hp V-6 and V-8 engines, just like GM and Ford and Chrysler.

    Yet they get no shit for being "wasteful" and "short-sighted."

    You never hear that Toyota's sales have also fallen off a cliff. Wonder why that is?

    Again: The core reason for the collapse of the US car industry is the collapse of the consumer-debt driven society, which was a rickety, doomed thing built upon the disastrous edifice of freeeeeeeeeee trade. It was freeeeee trade that destroyed the economic security/buying power (in real terms) of average Americans - and it is freeeeeee trade - not SUVs, not bad management, that killed the US car industry.
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