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Thread: Local egghead whines

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    Local egghead whines

    In today's local paper (Roanoke Times), one of the egghead liberal editors spent a whole column emoting about the likely prospect that the law forbidding concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol would be overturned shortly. He went on at length implying and directly painting all sorts of Wild West-style carnage/horrors that would result - according to him - should this come to pass. But not one fact was presented to support his "argument" that allowing concealed carry holders to remain armed while dining out presents danger (to the public) of any sort.

    Because there are no such facts.

    Indeed, the opposite.

    People who hold concealed carry permits have passed extensive criminal background checks (including domestic violence) and have no record of criminal or criminally irresponsible/dangerous conduct - a fact.

    People who hold concealed carry permits virtually never commit a crime involving a firearm - a fact.

    In areas where concealed carry is allowed, the likelihood of being the victim of a violent crime is lower than in areas that are "gun free zones" - a fact.

    Virtually all of the major "massacres" of the past ten years have taken place in "gun free zones" - a fact.

    What the egghead's column comes down to is his emotional dislike of guns. According to him, this should be the basis for disarming some of the most law-abiding/responsible and competent with firearms people in the country. His feelings.

    Meanwhile - as anyone with a half a brain knows - criminals will "carry" regardless of the law. Because, you know, they are criminals. The law forbidding concealed carry in restaurants serves only to disarm people who pay heed to the law. That is, it hassles/impedes and renders defenseless people who are by definition not criminals - and therefore by definition no threat to anyone. But according to our egghead friend, this is right and proper - because guns - even in the hands of demonstrably/factually safe concealed carry holders - make him feel unsafe.

    Now, if this guy were just an ordinary suburban liberal idiot, I'd be less annoyed. What makes me furious, though, is the overt, deliberate demagoguery by a supposed "journalist" whose job is to look into and present the facts - even when they do not comport with his personal views, let alone his feelings.

    This guy (his name is Dan Casey at the Roanoke Times, if you want to send him some mail) had an obligation to check into it and see, for example, whether concealed carry holders have been shooting innocent people (or anyone, other than violent criminals), brandishing their weapons, threatening people - in brief, doing anything to warrant concern about allowing them to carry while eating in restaurants/bars.

    But that would be responsible journalism - and we don't get that. But then, Dan Casey doesn't get it, either. There is a reason why newspaper circulation is falling like the value of GM stock. People are sick of the dishonesty and the agenda-peddling. The Internet gives them an alternative. They can tune out the lies and emoting of "journalists" such as Dan Casey.

    Good riddance.
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