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Thread: Pulled over for his pro-gun bumper sticker

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    Pulled over for his pro-gun bumper sticker

    Long distance gun-owner Robert Baillio writes:

    Tom Gresham pointed me to your bumper sticker issue, so I thought I would let you know what happened to me.

    I was pulled over in my hometown of Shreveport, LA on Friday, June 5. I exited my truck and walked to the tailgate and stopped. The officer was walking toward me. As he approached, he said, "Do you have any firearms in you vehicle?" I told him I did. He asked where they were, and I said in sight between the driver's seat and the console.

    He turned and walked to the driver's side door, opened it, and removed my pistol. I stayed at the back of the truck. He approached me, held my HK .45ACP up and dropped the magazine. He then asked if there was a round in the chamber, and I said yes. He ejected it onto the ground, locked the slide back and walked to his patrol unit. He came back and started asking me what I consider odd questions: Where am I going, where have I been. I answered him truthfully. I had been to the Downtown airport, and I told him. (I have a plane there and I rent office space in the terminal.)

    He asked me what I was doing at the airport. I told him. He asked if I was a member of the NRA, and I said yes. Eventually he asked for my driver's license, and he took it to his unit. He asked me how long I had been living at the address. I replied about 25 years.

    I have requested the video and the audio of the stop via a Public Records request. On the audio, I can hear him saying his name and that he was pulling me over because I changed lanes without using my signal. At the time, I could not hear him due to his car running and vehicles passing by.

    But he never said another word about the traffic offense. The questions he asked sounded like they were directly out of the Homeland Security memo.

    I called the mayor of Shreveport, and after he finally called me back, I told him that I was very uncomfortable standing on a busy street without my handgun, and I did not believe the officer had any reason, or right to remove it from my vehicle.

    He told me that during a traffic stop "my rights were suspended." At first I couldn't believe he said that. Then I thought, no one is going to believe me when I tell them he said that, so I turned on my digital recorder and recorded the rest of our conversation.

    He doesn't even know what RIGHTS are. [PVC: Some have suggested that politicians be required to pass a test on the Constitution. I like the idea.]

    I know exactly what's going on, and I know what happened. I can only describe the way I felt after being disarmed by someone I thought I could trust as sickening. I felt like someone had broken into my home and stolen the most important irreplaceable items that I had worked for. The things I wanted my grandchildren to have were gone. It was at that point I got very angry, called the mayor, and decided I am not going to ever let this thing go.

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    Heres the story and tape of the conversation with the mayor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mase View Post
    Heres the story and tape of the conversation with the mayor.

    Honest people are now subject to more harassment by the state than criminals. This country is descending into overt authoritarianism; yet most of the sheep out there still think we're freeeeeeeeeeee and will celebrate the 4th of July in a kind of sad pantomime - watching fireworks they're not allowed to handle themselves (unsaaaaaaaaafe) before they head back to work (every aspect of which is thoroughly regulated) in order to earn 50-60 cents on the dollar (the rest going to the state in direct/indirect taxes) in order to pay rent to the state on homes and property they will never truly own (stop paying property taxes - that is, your mortgage payment to the state - and the state will seize "your" property).

    Disarming the few of us who aren't happy with this state of affairs is a necessary next step.

    I have a similar sticker on my truck (from Virginia Citizens Defense League) and always carry (I have a VA concealed carry permit).

    I'm sure something similar is going to happen to me, too.

    God bless America, eh?

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    Be very careful when electing stupid and ignorant people to office.
    This is what you can get.

    Chip H.

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