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    Cat issue!

    My wife and I are fond of cats. We have five indoor cats and also feed/try to take care of several semi-wild outside cats. We let several of these make use of the garage for shelter, etc.

    Recently, a forlorn but very friendly kitten appeared and we'd like to find him (her? we think it's a her) a good home. This cat is probably about 10 weeks old and very tame (which is why we think he/she would be a great pet for someone). He (she?) is calm, very friendly and likes to be handled/stroked and played with. Does not hiss or bite or do anything obnoxious. He (she?) is black/brownish-red with yellow eyes and a few strands of white on his (her?) belly. Small build/frame with an otter-like tail. (We are pretty sure he/she is related to our most recent addition, Java Cat, who also got adopted from the Back Yard Cats.)

    We will probably have him (her?) taken care of by our local vet. Just needs someone to give him/her a good home.

    If we didn't already have five indoor cats we'd keep him/her ourselves. If interested, please shoot me a PM and we can talk about it some more. Meanwhile, here are some pics ... .

    We're in SW Virginia, near Roanoke (and not far from the NC border).

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