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Thread: Are you still going to support Republican pols?

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    Are you still going to support Republican pols?

    From my perspective, there are only a couple of reasons to support the Republican Party:

    * You are a fundamentalist Christian whose chief concerns are making abortion illegal, keeping gays out of the military (and society generally) and the promotion of "family values."

    * You are a corporatist who benefits financially from government patronage (for example, military/defense-related contracts) and "free trade" policies that make it easier for you to squeeze more profit out of whatever your business is by leveraging the cost of labor downward.

    * You are a militarist who savors the notion of American global hegemony and finds war thrilling.

    That is the sum total of the GOP's agenda - its real agenda.

    The Happy Talk about "less government" is absurd; government authority has penetrated to an almost unimaginable level - and it happened under the GOP and was instigated by the GOP. The claimed powers of the federal government now know virtually no limits whatsoever, in the name of "fighting terror" and (sadly, viciously) "protecting our freedom."

    The mantras about taxes are just pathetic. The tax load on the average middle-upper middle class American is far more oppressive today than it was circa 1960. If you add federal, state, local, FICA/Medicare taxes plus the myriad taxes and mandatory fees (everything from annual car registration to dog licenses) the total tax load on the average middle class person is 40-50 percent, a burden far more onerous than the one carried by Medieval serfs - who only owed their Lord 30 percent of their labor.

    More perniciously, under the GOP, the Federal Reserve has massively inflated the currency, a kind of insidious tax that has the same effect as outright confiscation by the IRS.

    The GOP has also been at the forefront of the wholesale exportation of American jobs to Second and Third world nations under the rubric of "free trade." This policy has in a single generation almost completely destroyed the United States as a maker of things and transformed it into a nation of shyster paper peddlers, grifters and manipulators who produce no thing of real value. Honest work has become increasingly untenable on an economic level - thanks to the GOP and its pushing of "free trade."

    The GOP has also worked like a demon to undermine and dilute the dominant White European culture of the United States by promoting "diversity" and opening the floodgates to illegal alien squatters from Mexico and elsewhere - who are given pride of place over native-born American citizens.

    People talk about "conservative Republicans." I ask, what exactly does the GOP wish to "conserve"?

    The only answers I can come up with are the three items mentioned at the top of this rant.

    And those are three things I am not the least bit interested in supporting.

    Because, of course, I am a conservative.
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    I haven't voted for a Republican for a major office since 1988.

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