Take this absurd test and see:

The people at TomTom are out with a new look at driving personalities. They surveyed drivers in several major cities, including Denver, and asked about their highway habits, especially during rush hour.

They found that most of us fall into three distinct categories:
Courageous Commuters, Neutral Navigators and Diligent Drivers.

TomTom say Courageous Commuters are found most often in cities like Boston, Atlanta, and Minneapolis where drivers are "fly-by-the-seat-of-his-or-her-pants" sort of people. They say if you are in a rush, you want to be in the car with this person.

Neutral Navigators are most commonly found in Denver, New York and Chicago and, interestingly, can be recognized for their patient approach to driving. They are middle-of-the-road rule followers.

Diligent Drivers are often spotted in Houston and Los Angeles. They often have a route planned out and will let a person who cuts them off pass right by.

Want to see what kind of driver you might be? Take the Driver Personality Quiz they used as the basis for the survey below, add up the points, and look for the category at the bottom.

Driving Personality Quiz

1.) I am most likely to fill up my gas tank when...
A. I pass by a gas station with low prices 0
B. I have a half tank of gas left 5
C. I am running on fumes -5
D. I always keep my gas tank full 10

2.) When traveling during rush hour, I tend to...
A. Stick it out, even if I'm in bumper to bumper traffic 5
B. Curse, cry and ask, "why me?" 0
C. Take less crowded back roads until I reach my destination -5
D. I avoid heavy traffic hours at all costs 10

3.) If someone cuts me off, I tend to...
A. Curse and gesture crudely 0
B. Take a deep breath 10
C. Lean on the horn -5
D. Let them pass 5

4.) When I am about to miss an exit on a major highway, I ...
A. Drive past it - I can take the next exit 5
B. Panic and try to switch lanes as fast as possible 0
C. Drive past it, pull into the breakdown lane, and back up -5
D. I never miss an exit 10

5.) When I discover someone is tailing me, I ...
A. Slam on the breaks and//or slow down 5
B. Change Lanes 10
C. Curse and gesture crudely 0
D. Switch lanes and tail them back -5

6.) When I have an appointment, I always...
A. Leave extra early to be safe 10
B. Leave right on time and hope for no traffic 5
C. Leave whenever I'm ready 0
D. Show up fashionably late -5

7.) The light turns green but the driver in front of you hasn't noticed. You:
A. Wait until he/she notices 10
B. Honk the horn immediately, but lightly 5
C. Honk the horn heavily and immediately, giving them a dirty look as you pass -5
D. Pass around the car 0


0 - 20 Courageous Commuter

21 - 40 Neutral Navigator

41 + Diligent Driver