When did you lose your faith - or did you ever have any?

I grew up in a nominally Protestant family; my parents took us to church occasionally but they did not make a big deal about it, and weren't themselves especially religious.

This is probably what led to my initial questioning of (in my case) Christianity (and later, all organized religion). Church seemed to me a dreary and pointless waste of a perfectly good Sunday morning.

The stories I was told - especially about the supposed virgin birth of a "son of God" - struck me as first odd, then improbable and finally, just silly. I read through the Bible and what struck me the most about it is that it can mean almost anything (aside from the relatively few direct injunctions) the reader chooses to impute to it. (This may be one reason why it remains so popular.) Other parts were impenetrable; some parts clearly recitals of myths and legends and pre-modern superstition. It was very clear that in no way was this book written or "inspired" by a being responsible for all of creation, but rather the obvious product of human writers (and editors and translators) and no more "divine" or "holy" than the Greek pantheon or Mayan codices.

That led to questioning the assertions and claims made by all organized religions - which led me to my current state of agnosticism/freethinking.

How about you guys?