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Thread: Voter qualifications?

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    Voter qualifications?

    The Founders have been criticized for seeking to restrict the franchise to white male property holders. But there is sound reason for restricting the vote, at minimum, to those who pay taxes. The alternative - what we have now - is a system that not merely allows but very much encourages politicians to appeal to the worst instincts of human nature by promising to use the force of government plunder Jones in order to provide a benefit to Smith (the pol's supporter).

    This is one f the core reasons for the rot that is currently eating away the foundations of the (former) Republic and transforming it into a "democratic" feeding frenzy of reciprocal parasitism.

    If, however, the ability to vote was restricted to those whose taxes actually provide the benefits dangled by politicians, the rush to cash in - and support for the pol - would be damped considerably.

    It's not a perfect solution, but it's a start. And it seems perfectly fair, too. Why should those who don't pay in be allowed to have a say in what goes out - and how?


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    This is all true, but at what tax rate do you cut off the right to vote? Or what occupation?

    I would like to go back to the poll tax idea maybe. It should be a nominal amount, similar to what it costs to get a driver's license.

    I wouldn't pay 10 cents for that so called privilege.

    I am seriously considering renouncing my voter registration. My candidates always lose anyway.

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