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Thread: Things you should have...

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    Things you should have...

    This list is meant to be expanded on. Here are a few things I think no person should be without right now. Add yours to the roster:

    * Personal defense handgun of at least .38 caliber and 100 rounds of hollow point ammunition;

    * Home defense weapon, such as a high capacity shotgun in 10 or 12 gauge and 100 shells;

    * Hunting rifle and at least 100 rounds of ammunition;

    * $2,000 (minimum) in cash/coins;

    * Stored water sufficient for two weeks (at least) for everyone in your household; or purification kit and supplies for making potable water out of whatever's available for a month or more.

    * Canned/dry food sufficient to feed everyone in your household for 1 month;

    * Non-grid heat source for cold weather, such as wood-burning stove/fireplace with sufficient fuel for an entire season on hand;

    * Generator and as much fuel as you can safely/reasonably store;

    * Basic first aid supplies and a book detailing basic procedures;

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    There is good info on this guy's podcast & forum. Available via iTunes, as well.

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