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    1984 Renault Encore

    Back in 1992, at Pensacola, FL auto auction, I was helping a coworker buy a vehicle. Auctions are not the best places to purchase cars, but you can get a car that will run half way decently for a little while. That night, the cars looked exceptionally bad. I was flipping through the NADA book and other information while the auction was going on. Cars that night were selling for a bunch of money. I told him to wait. Well, he said that because I didn't hurry up fast enough he "just bought a car."

    When I saw the car, I nearly hit the roof. Staring at me was a 1984 Renault Encore that he just bought for $350. The auction fee was another $150.00, so the total rang up to $500.00. He attempted to start the POS. It had something like 85,000 miles. He literally had to stand on the gas to keep it running. The car was overheating like crazy.

    We attempted to drive it home, but the car would only go about 25 mph tops. I tried to fix the car in the parking lot and found that the thermostat housing was PLASTIC! What a joke! I am sure that there were other cheap bits on the car. The problem was, I called the auto parts places and they told me that the thermostat housing and a head gasket would be like 300 bucks. We turned the car right back into the auction and they told him never to buy from that auction again.

    It isn't that the car was running poorly. It was that the car only had 85,000 miles and it was made of cheap plastic. What a POS.
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