The reason there are so many Christian sects, so many different "interpretations" of what the Bible "really" means - and thus, what it means to be a Christian - is that the Bible can say whatever anyone who "interprets" it says it means. It is not so much a book as a compilation of the selected writings of several authors, re-written and re-translated countless times over two millennia. This its genius as well as its curse. Genius, because it can be used to justify virtually anything via "interpretation." It is thus attractive to demagogues as well as ideal for enforcing the authority of the clergy - the people who "know" the "word."

But it is a curse too in that its unclear language and obvious human authorship (and editorship) make it not credible as "the" word of god, which it clearly is not.

And yet, countless millions virulently believe it is just that - often, literally. Every word, even though those words are not the original words and no one really knows what exactly Jesus actually said since his words were not written down during his lifetime, let alone recorded in such a way as to verify their authenticity.

How anyone isn't skeptical of the Bible is absolutely beyond me. That anyone takes it as literally true is absolutely astonishing.