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Thread: 1977 VW Rabbit Diesel

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    1977 VW Rabbit Diesel

    1977 VW Rabbit Diesel

    Thanks to a poor initial design that resulted in stretched head bolts—resulting in a leaking head gasket at best or warped aluminum cylinder head at worst—the early VW diesel was a cheap car prone to very expensive problems. The 48-horsepower 1.6-liter engine’s original design weakness was fixed after 1981, but while reliability improved greatly even the later cars were unusually feeble—even by diesel standards—and often unable to maintain highway speeds on anything but absolutely flat roads. The built-in “smokescreen” provided by the stink-pot diesel engine at least served to alert other drivers to the 45-miles-per-hour obstacle up ahead they might otherwise have piled into. Like farm equipment and other self-propelled machinery, the VW Rabbit diesel should have been equipped with emergency flashers and restricted to the shoulder.

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