I's be educated n' shit!

(Crap)per Roxanne Shante, who at the age of 15 rose to (C)rap superstardom and followed up her recording career with a hefty academic record. Best of all, the education was free, since a loophole in her Warner recording deal was that they'd pay for her schooling for life.

Today, Slate.com reported that her story of attending Marymount College and then pursuing a PhD at Cornell was false, and that no such deal with Warner ever existed. Here's what Roxanne had to say about the article and its author:

"I'm just gonna let it go ... What he's trying to do is trying to get himself known, to get the popular sites to read after him. This is not a $5 billion Ponzi scheme. What would make someone go so hard and heavy at that?"

Shante has since said that she received a Masters, not a PhD from Cornell, though Slate's research found no evidence of either.

Maaaaaaaaahn! We'se be ejiphsins n' shit!