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    2010 Ford Mustang

    Just finished a trip and at the rental car place, they were running very short of cars so they asked if I would mind driving a brand new Ford Mustang. Uh, No. Now, we're talking the rental car model and not a dealership one that's all tricked out. Drive and handling were very nice. Probably the biggest annoyance to me is that the steering wheel wouldn't adjust any further up nor would the seats adjust down, so I had it mostly just above my knees. I'm getting too old for the sports cars I guess. The regular gauges were well set on the dashboard, but the auxillary controls (radio & air) were awkward. Once I figured out the radio controls, they were easy to deal with, especially with the volume controls on the steering wheel. Most of the environmental controls were right behind the stick shift and were hard to adjust while driving. Also noticed the windshield fogged up a lot in the humid weather. I don't have that issue with my Hyundai in the same general area. I got about 250 miles on 3/4 tank of gas, but I don't know how large the gas tank was. About half was on interstate and the other half on backroads.

    All in all, it was a very nice ride. Nice to play with on occasion, but I still need my old folks car. Nice Horsie!
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    I am a fan of the Mustang but the base V-6 version is much inferior to the V-8 GT (as well as to the base V-6 version of the new Camaro). The 4.0 liter V-6 only has 210 hp (vs. 300-plus in the Camaro) yet its gas mileage is worse than the V-6 Camaro's and about as bad as what you'd get with the 4.6 liter V-8 that's optional in the GT version of the Mustang.

    Ford needs to throw that V-6 down the well and replace it with an engine that, at the least, is significantly more fuel efficient than the V-8 in the GT.

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