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Thread: 911 and its aftermath

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    911 and its aftermath

    All-out war has been waged on the Bill of Rights since 9/11, accompanied by the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the militarization of domestic police, the nationalization of airline security (which fails to keep weapons off planes but harasses normal Americans daily), a "no-fly list" that prevents more than a million Americans from traveling freely (which some in the current administration want to use to disarm those Americans), "fusion centers" that chill free political speech, and a ridiculous color-coded terror alert system that we now know was a political farce. A series of supposed foiled terror plots have turned out to be similarly dubious.

    Economic freedom has also taken a hit. We have seen financial privacy eroded in the name of stopping terrorism and a military response to 9/11 that has cost, in direct terms, at least a trillion dollars, and whose long-term costs are probably many times that. Furthermore, the fog of war has allowed the domestic leviathan to advance. Under the false patriotism, President Bush was able to push through his expansion of Medicare, his enormous farm bill, and record-busting deficits with a Republican Congress afraid to confront their president at wartime. The monetary and fiscal response to 9/11 coincided with the economic response to the dotcom bust: Credit expansion to keep Americans shopping, building and buying homes and living it up, so as to reinflate the economic bubble, only to see it all collapse last year and bring on the greatest economic depression of a lifetime.

    It is considered crass in some circles to point out all this horror that surrounds the events of 9/11, both before and after. Yet to truly honor those Americans who were peacefully living their lives, working in the great system of global capitalism, only to be slaughtered on that Tuesday morning eight years ago, we must appreciate why it happened, what the full implications of the attack and the U.S. response to it have been, and what will truly keep Americans safer in the future. The answer is not to keep sacrificing the freedoms and values that some Americans believe are the reasons we were attacked. The answer is to abandon the policy of foreign intervention and rely on our liberties -- our right to bear arms, for example -- to protect us.

    The U.S. has been an interventionist empire under both parties for the better part of a century. September 11 occurred after years of such interventions. The current administration is virtually identical to the last administration in clinging to this counterproductive and unconstitutional foreign policy. At the core of this continuity is a philosophical problem, a dedication to intervention in our national culture that must be questioned and confronted. Our true hope for security and freedom lies in restoring the constitutional limits on presidential power, bringing the troops home from around the world, and restoring the republic.

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    The erosion of financial privacy is perhaps the most pernicious part of the Patriot Act. In order to change addresses with a bank (when dealing with foreign currencies), you must fax your name, SSN, drivers license and other documentation to the bank just so that they will send mail to your new address. Doing so, probably puts you on the terror watch list.

    You can't carry anything aboard a commercial aircraft these days with any degree of security. TSA inspects almost every bag going through. If you put your sensitive electronics through the TSA xray machines, you WILL ruin them after a few pass throughs. My digital camera is toast. Your personal effects are almost more secure with drug dealers.

    Unfortunately, I believe that the war on the bill of Rights was started well before 9/11/01. Think about the rights we lost from 1865 to then!

    I have nothing but contempt for the people who passed this monstrosity. They deserve to be buried alive in pig vomit.
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