You've probably heard/read a lot about the wisdom of buying gold as a hedge against massive inflation and the possible collapse of the dollar. But I think buying guns is a better idea.

Guns are useful as such while gold is not (for most people). You can use a gun to protect yourself, to hunt, etc. What use is a bag of gold coins?

Guns are probably just as readily convertible as gold, perhaps more so (due to reason Number One above). Gold only has value when it is accepted as a medium of exchange. Guns will always have intrinsic value. And their value will increase if times get tough.

Guns are probably a better investment right now, besides. Gold is ridiculously expensive while many guns are still quite reasonably priced.

There's no real downside that I can see to buying several guns - whether as investments or for collecting or "just because." If you need cash at some point down the road, you can always sell some. And it's doubtful they'll lose much, if any value - and may even be worth more than you paid for them originally.