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Thread: Large Detroit Car Company

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    Large Detroit Car Company

    A classic from Michael Nesmith's "Elephant Parts"

    Chip H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiph View Post
    A classic from Michael Nesmith's "Elephant Parts"

    Chip H.
    In 2005 I bought my daughter a 1 yr old Taurus, with 20,000 miles.

    Over the time she has owned it (back and forth to college, 25 miles/day) I have had to pay for 'odd' and expensive repairs.

    Odd such as the fuel gauge not working properly (not a big deal), but then the sending unit is connected to something else in the fuel delivery system. Well we need to do a smoke test, test for vapor leaks, .... You wind up paying $800 for the repair.

    Just as there is a truth in lending there should be a truth in manufacturing.

    These autos need to be designed so that they can be fixed, without spending 25% of the value of the car used.

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