What follows are three foods that will serve you well in a crisis of any nature. I start with a food that will serve you no matter how long the crisis. Then I move to a food that will serve you for at least six months. The last food I recommend is one which is good for at least a week fresh and much longer if canned. My recommendations are based on the worst possible scenario, meaning no power at all. Obviously if you have access to a generator or power is available during the crisis then things will be different and you can adjust accordingly; but what follows will cover you food-wise no matter what.

Survival Food Number 1: Pemmican – up to 20 years

If you haven’t read my post on “The Bread of the Wilderness” you should stop and do so right now. Pemmican is lean beef, beef tallow, and sometimes berries mixed together in a one to one ratio of beef and fat (you go slightly lower on the fat or lean if you are using berries).

The value of pemmican is this: all by its lonesome, whether or not you are going through a personal financial crisis, pemmican can sustain life. In fact you can thrive on pemmican. It has a very small footprint. You don’t need much on a daily basis to be completely satisfied and well nourished, therefore it can go a long way. 3/4 of a pound of pemmican will provide approximately 2200 calories. 10 pounds of pemmican per person is enough food for two weeks.

I would suggest adding pemmican to your diet now, so that if need be you can acquire a taste for it. Some purists argue that berries should not be a part of pemmican, but I wouldn’t worry about that. Unless you are on the all meat diet feel perfectly free to eat berry pemmican. The best way is to make your own. There are several links in my “Bread of the Wilderness” article instructing you how to do that. You can also buy pemmican from US Wellness Meats (disclaimer: I have an affiliate relationship with this very fine company).

However do not buy it from any retail store that sells anything that claims to be pemmican. It is not. To the best of my knowledge, other than US Wellness Meats, there is no real pemmican available at retail in the US. If a reader knows of someone who is producing the genuine article, please let me know. Otherwise do not gamble with your health by purchasing an inferior product. Either make your own or buy the real stuff. You can also experiment using coconut oil as part of the fat ration. Coconut oil is much more saturated than beef tallow (and tastier).

Survival Food Number 2: Ghee1 – up to 6 months

Ghee is butter with the milk solids removed. I would definitely make my own ghee as it is really easy to do. All the water needs to be removed and the best way to ensure that is by doing it yourself (it is also very important that you remove all the water from beef tallow when making pemmican).

You can buy ghee at retail but the good stuff is very expensive. One brand I bought went moldy after a few weeks. Apparently all the moisture was not removed from the fat. So to be on the safe side you might want to buy a few jars now and then begin making the rest for your private storage. The same goes for pemmican. You can buy a few boxes from US Wellness Meats and then begin to make your own.

Survival Food Number 3: Fresh coconut milk – one week

You will need some kind of vacuum sealer to make this work. I have on this site a video on how to make coconut milk and soon I will be posting a pictorial showing you how I make my own coconut milk. Coconut milk is loaded with that magic compound, saturated fat, and in many parts of the world, coconut and its derivative products are considered a miracle food.

Coconut milk makes a great dairy milk substitute in a crisis which can be used with any grains you might have on hand for cereal. If you don’t want to make your own on a regular basis I would definitely buy canned coconut milk. The only brand I am aware of at the moment that doesn’t add water is Thai Kitchen Pure Coconut Milk. This is just too good of a food not to have on hand in a crisis or any other time for that matter.

So there you have it, the complete traditional foodie storage program that gives you beef fat, butterfat, and coconut fat, which will transform any food storage program both taste wise and nutrient wise.

In closing let me add a few things regarding the concept of surviving a personal or society wide crisis. The following resources are non-negotiable in a worst case scenario:

The ability to handle human waste
The ability to purify water
The ability to barter for what you don’t have
The ability to extend the daylight
The ability to provide your own food.
The ability to provide security for your home and property

All of the above can be done cheaply and systematically if planned for in advance (in other words before everyone else is trying to do it in the midst of or in preparation for a major crisis), but it needs to be done with focus, precision, and a sense of urgency, especially if you live in the city.