For the past several months, every time I go to the grocery store for our "normal" (and mostly perishable) food, I also buy a few days' worth of long-term storable/non-perishable (doesn't require refrigeration) food. My goal is to have at least a three month supply for two people and ideally, a six month supply for two people, by Christmas.

Reason? I appreciate how fragile the food supply chain is; that any major economic or social upheaval could quickly lead to shortages, very high prices and physical danger coming from attempting to buy food at the store (which means hazarding populated suburbia vs. "out in the country," where we live).

I also believe that such an upheaval is almost inevitable - and therefore, want to be as prepared as I possibly can be.

Here's what I am buying/storing:

* Canned vegetables (mostly green vegetables but also carrots; basically those high in nutritional value).

* Energy bars (the kind favored by athletes/weight lifters; very high protein concentration w/vitamins, etc. in a handy, easy-to-eat form that requires zero preparation).

* Nuts in bottles and vacuum packs (very high protein/fat content)

* Freeze-dried soup bricks (extremely cheap to buy in mass quantities; provides a decent meal for about 50 cents per meal).

* Pasta (noodles), various types (good energy/high carb food; also inexpensive to buy).

* Canned salmon (excellent source of high quality protein and fish oils).

* Granola bars (another "no fuss" high-quality source of essential nutrition).

* Beef jerky (great way to have beef/meat on hand that doesn't have to be frozen or refrigerated).

* Chocolate bars/brownie mix.

My idea with the above stuff is to get food that will feed us properly but which is also decent tasting (better than the pre-packed "survival" foods that are now being sold) and which may even cost less, ultimately. If you are careful and buy on-sale items, the above stuff can often be bought in mass quantities at very reasonable prices.

Anyone else storing up food? If yes, what?