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    One Good Company

    Regular readers to this forum know that I don't often have a good thing to say since most of the crap going on is plain rotten. The corporate shysters and the politicans, who basically run this country are greedy cockroaches. They will stop at nothing to enslave the majority, even while the majority votes to enslave itself. It is really a rotten state of affairs.

    Finding a company that cares about its employees, its workers, and the country at large is as rare as a needle in a haystack. By in large that kind of company is gone. There is however, one needle that stands out. That company is MacNeill Automotive Products Ltd. They manufacture a large number of after market accessories such as trim and floor mats for a large number of automobiles. MacNeil's ads appear in automotive publications such as Car and Driver Magazine, Automobile, Motor Trend and Road and Track. He sells his products under the brand name WeatherTech.

    WeatherTech is well known by automotive enthusiasts as a company that produces floor mats, wind deflectors, and cargo liners whose quality is second to none. WeatherTech floor mats and cargo liners use precision measurements to ensure accurate fit and top of the line resins to make sure that its mats will not crack or harden.

    In 2007, after manufacturing the mats in England for an undisclosed period, David McNeill brought production right back to the United States. In this day and age, that is a heroic undertaking. His reasons for moving production back was that the English plant was largely inefficient and antiquated. In addition, MacNeil has recognized that companies have been forced by big box chains to manufacture their products overseas to "save a lousy 50 cents on a tape measure," MacNeil states. He also states that human rights, the political system, animal rights and environmental systems, not to mention the societal effects of exporting jobs and factories are not considered by shortsighted big-retail management.

    His commitment to the United States doesn't stop there. He has made sure that his machine shop tooling and machines come from the United States as well. The injection molding machines are made in Bolton Ontario Canada from US and Candadian components. The steel and aluminum billets are sourced from US sources in CA. The raw materials for the mats and liners are made in OH, TX, KS and TN.

    MacNeil Ltd. is passionate about designing the best products, preserving manufacturing infrastructure and keeping the money in the United Sates.

    MacNeil states that "life is simple. Be good to your fellow man, be kind to animals and the environment and place building a quality product, supporting your country and your fellow American worker before profit."

    His company is a reflection of that.

    Don't hesitate to purchase Weathertech products from MacNeil. His company has earned my support. I plan on purchasing a cargo liner for my 2001 Saturn L-Series as soon as I become reemployed. His company has won the endorsement of one tough customer for its commitment to what remains of the U.S. industrial base and its workers.
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