This isn't about the "worst" car - its about the cars you just can't stand to look at, even if they can't be faulted in terms of whether they work or not.

I personally hate the following vehicles:

* Cadillac Escalade -

This thing is loathsome mainly because of the gaudy stupidity it represents. Here we have a tarted-up Chevy Tahoe that GM charges two or three times as much for - and the idiots buy it! An "SUV" with 20-inch rims that are as suitable for off-road use as Paul Wolfowitz would be in a bar fight; a butt-load of elaborate "4WD" equipment that's as useless as a mangina in a fertility clinic...

* Breedermobile minivans -

I am thinking especially of overstuffed, left land-dawdling, sticker-plastered "soccer mom" models like the Chrysler Town & Country and the Toyota Sienna. These things are hateful because of the fatuous suburban ethos they represent; the leveraged-to-the-hilt McMansion-dwelling (and almost invariably doughy or downright obese) human cattle who drive them. It is impossible to have either a soul or a functioning human personality and hold the keys to such a vehicle.

* Hybrids -

All of them. They are the rolling embodiment of the cloying, holier-than-thou faux "I caaaaaaare" mentality of the typical American double-talking leftie or leftie dupe. The fact that these vehicles work beautifully is beside the point; so does my asshole - but that doesn't mean it smells good. And neither does the musky aroma of bullshit that rises like a noxious cloud from pile of PR crap that surrounds these hybrids. Anyone with half a brain who spent 5 minutes thinking about it would realize that the way to save gas is to buy and drive a decent condition used economy car for around $5-7k or so. Not spend $30,000 on a "fuel efficient" Prius (which must be Japanese for "imbecile American")>