"Makes the cut as a car for people who don't care about cars."

Well, who aren't enthusiasts.

"Handling is a safety feature, along with good brakes it's the primary recourse for accident-avoidance. Every car should handle "like a sports car". There's no excuse for any mushwagens in this day and age. Adequacy is not a cause celebre."

Everything's relative. Compared with virtually any car of the '70s, the Sebring handles and brakes like a race car! Just making a point. It handles/stops "safely" by any reasonable standard. It is certainly not a dangerous car.

"As near as I can tell the absolute only thing the Sebring has going for it is that it's available as a convertible. Otherwise it's not even competitive with a Kia or Hyundai."

There isn't another legitimate four-seat convertible (with room for four adults) that's in the same (low) price range - and that is Sebring's key selling point.