The worst vehicle I've ever owned was also the only one I ever ordered new. I had a 1986 S-10 that I had bought and was very happy with. Just a basic truck with air, that was all I needed. A large car with bad brakes slammed into me and pushed me a 1/2 block. Insurance fixed it but it was just never the same after that.

Since it had been such a reliable truck, I ordered an '88 S-10. I remembered my head hitting the back of the cab when the first one got wrecked so I ordered an extended cab. I should have known it would be trouble when my truck came in and there were lots of options I didn't order. I took the truck anyway as my back up car was giving me trouble.

In the first year, I made 14 trips to the dealer. The power steering pump exploded, the rear brake adjusters were on the wrong side and would deadjust, the windshield would spit in the rain with water coming under it, the bed nearly fell off, driving down the road, the passenger side window fell into the door and the suspension had a creak every time I went over a bump. I mean a LOUD creak, loud enough that co-workers would look up as I came into the parking lot at work.

After the warranty expired, I had taken out an extended warranty and I was losing coolant and I couldnt find any leaks. My oil was also getting dirty awfully quick. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it. When I went to pay the $50 deductable, I found out about GM's silent recalls. If you have the dealer fix it, they fix it for free. If you take it to an outside shop, you pay. The intake was leaking and the silent recall covered it. Just like the Ford 4.6 intakes that would crack going down the road.

I chased rattles all the time I had that truck. I finally tracked the wosrt one down to the vehicle jack between the jump seats in back. When I took the cover off, I noticed a piece of paper sticking up. When I loosened the jack, I pulled the paper out and it had a string with two metal washers. On the paper it said "congratulations, you found one". I have never had another GM car since then. A couple of well used trucks but no cars and nothing new.