Everyone on this blog knows that two nickels ain't worth a dime, but 55 is probably coming back. Notice I didn't mention "NMSL". Obama has taken a hands-off approach to an NMSL in keeping with his obvious political strategy of trying to please everyone and avoid tough, unpopular moves. He's too smart to re-open the Jimmy Carter playbook and take full responsibility for such a farce.

Here's what's going to happen. The climate bill which has been put off until this spring, will contain, as its centerpiece, a 17% reduction in greenhouse gases produced by the USA by 2020. Besides "Cap and Tax", this ridiculous bill will likely contain what, in Washington-ease, is known as "demonstration projects". These "projects" will require that states show how they can act individually to meet their own quota of gas reduction. One of the first things they'll do is return to 55. Don't think so? Hell, we're already doing it here in Tennessee with urban freeway speed limits of 65 for cars and 55 for trucks to reduce ozone, etc., and (believe it or not) some stretches of urban freeway that were slated for higher limits have either been kept at 55 or reduced back because of NOISE POLLUTION concerns. Not much of a leap that the states will use 55 as a means to show the feds that they mean business about CO2. Good ol' 55 will no longer be used to save fuel (1974-1977), or lives (1977-1995), but the whole damn world (2010).

There are many things about my youth that I miss and would like to re-live. The Double Nickel is not one of them. Maybe it's true: The best songs have been written, the best films have been made, and our best days are behind us. What's ahead? Institutionalized stupidity.