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Thread: Taurus SHO initial impressions

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    Taurus SHO initial impressions

    They just dropped it off.

    It has really good mid-range power but is a bit sluggish off the line. Once it gets going, though, it's a rocket. Was raining yesterday so I couldn't really hammer it but the "roll on" from 40 to 80 mph was very impressive-feeling.

    Interior layout's a bit jumbled. Looks nice but some controls are awkwardly placed and hard to reach. Seats are too "stuffed" for my tastes.

    I like the low-profile exterior appearance. No one other than car people know it's fast. That appeals to me.

    The $38k base price, though, doesn't.

    The out the door price of my tested model is over $40k and that is silly for what is, let's face it, a hopped-up Taurus. A base BMW 3 series is still a BMW. An SHO is still a Ford (and still a Taurus) no matter how much horsepower it has or how much leather you throw at it.

    No offense.

    But that's what killed the T-Bird and I suspect that's what will kill this car, too.

    It should be priced around $30k. But the government has made that impossible (see full review for the reasons why).

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