I'm a fan of collector car auction's, notably Barrett Jackson, where a lot of high rollers push values into the space program gendra, but this year, haven't had much chances to watch the broadcast's, too many irons in the fire so to speak.

But, today was one of those days where the weather was just lousy enough to sideline me till early afternoon, so I saw several hours of reruns of BJ's (no, no, no, no puns now), actions in Florida, Las Vegas, and I believe LA fo this year.

It would seem that prices at this venue, for those locations, were more in line with real world values for a change, indicating that now might be a good time for someone to finally get a shot at their dream(s) cars, in very good condition, after all, when BJ says a very sharp FI 283/290 h'p, 1960 Corvette's winning bid of $68,500 puts it in the upper top ten selling price at the end of the second day of bidding fever, that say's yea, values are down.

Take the awsome looking (my opinion), RS/SS, L78, m-22, P/D/B's and steering, numbers matching (even the headlights were the Triangle factory type, and not reman's), 53,000 mile +/- 1969 Cortez Silver Camaro which only garners $37,000 at the fall of the gavel, you know values are down.

There were dozens of examples of this going on, so, like I said, if you can get the dinero's (or credit), togeather, you might take a look, and might get real lucky.