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Thread: Scammer Maggots

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    Scammer Maggots

    This is one of the most slimey scams I've heard of:

    After her granddaughter was born, Melinda Voss eagerly purchased photos from to show to co-workers and friends. Several months later, the doting grandmother noticed a mysterious recurring bill for a service she never wanted.

    Voss, 59, of St. Paul, is among the millions of consumers who click on Web links flaunting free gifts or cash-back offers, only to learn months later that they've unwittingly agreed to pay for a membership club. Voss didn't have to provide her credit card information to Webloyalty, the company that began charging her $12 per month for Reservation Rewards, a travel and hospitality discount service. Webloyalty received her billing information from Shutterfly Inc., which earns a finder's fee for passing along the account information.

    Charging a consumer for a service without receiving credit account information directly from that person is called "pre-acquired account marketing.''

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    I realize we lived in fucked up times, but how can this be legal? It's like - no, it's the same as if - the supermarket where I just bought some groceries with my Visa card gives out my card number to some shyster to dunn me for a magazine subscription to US Weekly because I glanced at the cover while waiting in line.

    These people need to be beaten.

    No, more than that...

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