Want less crime?

Give a gun to each person in the United States - desiring to lawfully carry it for self defense. This person must be a law abiding citizen (no criminal record, age 21 , no mental history, you know...responsible). Make sure he/she knows how to use it for self defense (proper training). You'll see violent crime drop substantially.

Q & A for those who favor "gun control":

*If you're a criminal - do you break into a house where a little old lady will shoot you or where a helpless victim is easy prey?

* If you're a criminal, do you care any more about laws banning or restricting the possession of guns than you do about laws against theft, rape and murder?

* Why should criminals be given the advantage of having firearms while law-abiding, non-criminal citizens are disarmed?

* Why add more gun control laws when criminals clearly ignore existing gun control laws?

*If gun control works - why is crime higher where gun control laws are strictest (as in Washington, DC, Chicago and so on)?

* Why is it just as true that where citizens are allowed to possess firearms - especially concealed carry - crime is lowest?