The VW Beetle, the Mini and the Fiat 500 are all brilliant examples of small cars from the good old days that have gained an ever-increasing number of new admirers and buyers after relaunch. The retro trend has been a resounding success for those manufacturers. The next cult car is now in the pipeline. Citroen are to resurrect the 2CV, better known as the 'Duck'. Around five million examples of the Duck sold worldwide between 1948 and 1990. In truth, there's not much left of the old body shape but at first sight, the car looks very zippy. The Citroen DS2's design is largely based on the REVOLTe concept car that so fascinated visitors to September's Frankfurt Motor Show. The treatment of the rear holds the greatest nostalgia value for former fans – it's very accomplished. The lack of a roll-up roof is sure to be addressed in a future model. Expected price is a not unreasonable 13,000 euros, (around £11,700 in the UK).

The Beetle may have gone - maybe the Duck ate it?