a couple more problem vehicles, but not anything I'd consider a POS, that I've owned was my 1980 Ford Bronco & 1984 Chevy Camaro. The Bronco when I bought it I paid $1000 for it & it was a rust bucket and ran like shit. I did a complete tune-up on it right after buying it, and that did get it running quite well again. The body was about 75% bondo with 25% of it still being rusted all the way through the body & the floor boards were already rusted completely through & somebody used the thick foam stuff to fill it the holes & keep your feet from punching through the floor. Drove it for a couple of months before it started acting up and running rough, at which time I parked it & never did get around to fixing it or driving it anymore, before trading it off. The Camaro was $600 & when I bought it. I had to replace the ignition & battery the same day I bought it. The body had about 25% surface rust on the body. The paint was completely sun faded and after I good wax I was about to get about 1/2 of the body shining again. I did have to replace a freeze plug & did also do some work on tighting the manifold & all on it. It didn't run bad though. When replacing the freeze plug though I noticed the underside was completely rusted through & almost going through the floor boards completely, so I decided to go ahead & trade it off as well. I don't consider either POS's though, and I knew I wasn't buying very god vehicles when getting them, but decided to plunge it to them anyway, so thats my on fault there.