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Thread: New Michelins - great weight savings.

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    New Michelins - great weight savings.

    Michelins new bike tyre is estimated to save around two pounds (mass) per wheel. This seems, to me, to be a quicker and cheaper way of quickening steering and improving turn in than buying a set of mag alloy or carbon fibre wheels. Jon Pearson of Superbike magazine reports;


    Michelin has unveiled the Power Pure claiming it to be the lightest motorcycle tyre in the 'sport' category weighing two pounds less than competing tyres in the same category making it "the lightest dual-compound tyre ever approved for road use" Michelin claims.

    The Power Pure replaces the well-known Pilot Power 2CT in the upper end of the sport road range.

    Less weight is good of course, in Michelin's words it means "greater responsiveness and enhanced riding pleasure". We'll settle for a more descriptive explanation that unsprung weight reductions mean a more agile steering, braking and accelerating bike. And you'd be hard-pushed to argue that wasn't a good thing.

    Michelin also claims "key safety improvements" on the Power Pure which means more side grip in reality. The second-generation, dual-compound tyre has a wider soft layer of rubber on the tyre's shoulders to provide better traction when a bike begins to lean. Tread depth remains the same as previous Michelin 2CT sport tyres so longevity of tyre wear should remain as good as ever.

    The tread pattern looks slightly better suited to the Northern European climate we (here in the SuperBike office at least) have to ride in so we're expecting a more confident feel than the Mediterranean-spec Power One tread pattern has in the rain.
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    That is a good looking tire!

    Lighter and stronger too.. Can't beat that.

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