That I have never heard a convincing explanation for is the collapse of Building 7, which was a 40-something story office building in the WTC plaza. It was not hit by an airplane; there were some fires within but these (as far as I understand it) could not have burned hot enough to cause systemic structural failure virtually identical to that which led to the collapse of the Twin Towers. Yet the building collapsed into its own footprint, in a way that looked exactly like the deliberate implosion-demolitions used to knock down a building. If you watch video of the collapse of Building 7, it looks like the failure begins uniformly and near the center of the structure - exactly as imploded buildings behave. (This is done to get the mass of the building to cave inward and onto itself so as to contain the subsequent mess/debris and keep from damaging nearby structures.)

Here's the video of WT7 going down:

This is the one thing about the official 911 story that I have trouble accepting. Nothing struck the building (other than some debris from the Twin Towers, which surely could not have been enough to cause a catastrophic failure). Nothing blew off the fire-retardant insulation (thus leaving the structural steel exposed to fire - which in any case was not fueled by jet fuel and could not have gotten hotter than a few hundred degrees and far below the point at which it would have affected the structural integrity of the steel). Bottom line, the steel was protected - so the fire could not have weakened the steel sufficiently to cause a complete structural collapse.

Maybe the building was dropped - "pulled" in the language of structural demolition (and the exact words used by Larry Silverstein, the guy who just happened to have a lease - and insurance - on the property. See video of that here: ) because the building was deemed ruined and unsafe. But if that's the case, we have something really sinister because (to my knowledge) it takes days if not weeks to prepare a building for controlled implosion. So if WT7 was dropped this way, the preparations had to have been done before the planes hit the Towers - which means knowledge of the coming events was in the possession of our government.

What do you think?