From: From: Henry Chen, M.D.

In response to a blog about how health care costs for illegal aliens drag on endlessly, I relate my story of an illegal alien patient with renal failure.

I first met “William” when my hospital asked me to care for this 60-year-old man from Senegal who had no insurance and could not receive outpatient dialysis because of his illegal status.

He would come into the hospital to receive hemodialysis only when he was ill. At one point “William” changed his name to “James,” got a job at a large suburban hospital and obtained private health insurance that paid for outpatient dialysis. How he changed his name remains unfathomable.

Like so many of my foreign-born patients, “William/James” knows English only when it benefits him. If not, he can't understand English at all.

This week, I received a phone call from a nearby doctor at a university hospital stating he was putting “William/James” on the kidney transplant list.

The doctor (I perceived a Punjabi accent) stated that “my patient’s brother still in Senegal is also in need of a transplant” and that his hospital would facilitate bringing him to the U.S. for a medical evaluation.

Should Obamacare pass, we will be faced with hospitals recruiting more patients from overseas for high value surgery and treatment.

Open heart surgery, transplantation, joint replacement will be promoted outside of the country with the costs passed on to the taxpayer and health insurance purchasers.

Chen wrote previous letters urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America and why Obamacare with aliens covered would bankrupt the U.S.