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Thread: Here's what happens in "gun free" zones....

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    Here's what happens in "gun free" zones....

    The University of Alabama is a gun-free zone, and accused Prof. Amy Bishop reportedly had no carry permit for a handgun she allegedly used in the shooting deaths of three colleagues last Friday.

    Maurice Clemmons was a convicted felon, ineligible to legally possess, much less own a firearm of any kind, yet he had two – including one that was stolen in Seattle about three years ago – when he walked into the Forza coffee shop in Parkland in November and murdered four Lakewood police officers.

    What these completely unrelated cases demonstrate is the complete impotency of gun control laws that were passed at state and federal levels with a sales pitch that they would prevent such crimes as campus shootings and wanton murder by monsters like Clemmons.

    We have laws against homicide, but that didn’t stop Clemmons and evidently did not stop Bishop, who now stands accused of murder and attempted murder.

    Anti-gunners will use the Alabama shooting, and have already tried to capitalize on the Parkland massacre, to push for new gun laws.

    Here’s another idea: Perhaps it is time to examine every existing gun control law, identify the ones that work, and repeal the rest. It is a debate worth having, even if it results in the repeal of virtually every gun control law on the books, because none of them appear to have prevented a single crime.

    By some estimates there are 20,000 gun laws on the books throughout the United States. Why keep them if they do not work? In business, if an employee doesn’t work, that individual is fired. If a production method doesn’t work, it is scrapped. If a product consistently fails, it is recalled and replaced (just ask Toyota).

    Maybe the only thing such laws have proven is that they disarm the victims and leave them helpless against violent attack. When such statutes are supported and defended by the Brady Bunch and their soul mates at the Violence Policy Center, it leaves one wondering just whose side these organizations are on, the Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

    These are the same people who insist guns are no good for protection against violent crime. The book, "America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age," proves otherwise.

    Release of the Clemmons telephone tapes by the Seattle Times reveals a man steeped in denial and ready to explode. It also reveals that members of his extended family knew about the threats Clemmons made to kill police officers and kept that information to themselves. It is not yet clear who supplied Clemmons with two handguns, the stolen 9mm semiautomatic and a .38-caliber revolver, but that is a failure of several existing gun laws that are still failing today. (The Seattle Weekly has links to all five recordings here.)

    Prof. Bishop’s husband has reportedly said he has no knowledge where she got the handgun used in the killings, or a handgun she used during a recent target practice session.

    Both of these cases are monuments to the utter foolishness of people who pander gun control as a panacea to violent crime. The Bishop case may prove more of a challenge to anti-gunners, since she is hardly the right-wing, low-IQ “gun nut” that has become the caricature repeatedly used by gun prohibitionists to push their elitist agenda. She is described as a “far-left extremist” by a family member, and she is, after all, a “Harvard-educated neurobiologist.”

    This was the second high-profile school-related shooting in less than a week. The earlier, at Inksip Elementary in Knoxville, also occurred in a gun-free zone, and the suspect is also a member of that school’s faculty. This shooting is still more proof that gun control laws, and specifically gun-free school zone laws, have been an abysmal failure.

    And that brings us in a round about way to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, who wants the state legislature to surrender its authority to regulate firearms in Washington State to him. Call it whatever else you like, but that is exactly what he wants.

    McGinn didn’t care for last Friday’s legally proper ruling by Superior Court Judge Catherine Shaffer that struck down Seattle’s patently illegal parks gun ban, so the mayor wants the legislature to change Washington’s preemption statute so that the city can set its own gun laws. As I wrote here last time, Washington adopted state preemption a quarter-century ago to prevent the kind of city-state mentality regarding gun regulations that McGinn wants to revive.

    Back when we were children, we all knew at least one spoiled-rotten kid who, upon losing a game or some other contest, whined that the rules should be changed, so he could win. “That’s not fair,” these kids would exclaim, as if they believed life was supposed to be fair…to them.

    That didn’t work when we were children. What makes McGinn think it would work now?

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    If you have 40 minutes or so, take a look at this.
    Sorry to our overseas members, but Hulu restricts viewers to US locations (but give it a try -- you might get lucky)

    Chip H.

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