Here's a partial list:

* "Belt minder" buzzers (Fuck off; I'll wear my belt when and if I want to). To defeat: Find and smash the buzzer or just buckle the seat belt before you sit down in the seat and sit down on top of it. Screw The Man!

* Automatically locking doors (God-damn it's annoying to go to open the back door to get something out only to discover the car locked the doors for saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.)

* Keyless ignition (Just what bankrupt America needs: $300 electronic key fobs in place of a $5 metal ignition key.)

* Headlights that are always on (DRLs. Idiocy. Creates glare; makes it harder to pick out motorcycles and emergency vehicles; also burns more fuel and requires more current - which means more expensive alternators, shorter battery life.)

* Speed limiters. (Bad enough the government tries to force us to do drive "x" speed and no faster. For the automakers to program their cars to not exceed "x" is vile beyond description.)