This maybe an old post, but a while back I mentioned that a State Cop told me that my belts in my Classic Car were not legal. My car is a '64, and seat belts were an option. and only in the front seats.There were no rear seat belts for that car.I guess that was so the rear passengers could bail out at any time. There were not Shoulder belts around at that time, unless you were driving a race car. I kind of like the lights on dinger. It has saved me a dead battery more that once. The key in the ignition dinger could be done away with. I liked the old cars that said "Your door is ajar". I would answer "No it isn't, it's a door". The seat belts that were Incorporated in to the starter system was an easy one for me. I just put a jumper wire in between the wires. A suitcase wire splicer worked very well, and it only took a minute to install with a pair of pliers. In most cases, the customer never knew the difference. And the ones who did, thought I was a Magician. The light on the instrument cluster is OK when a door is not closed all the way. besides, the door rattles like hell when not fully closed. So going asleep behind the wheel was not an option. Hopefully, it would open just as you go by a mail box, so it can be fully closed when it hits. Could have used that door light when I was younger. I've used many a 2x4 to Spring a door hinge back into shape so it would resemble a closed door. Automatic seat belts. I stayed away from those. I'm afraid that if one would try to wrap itself around me, I would have taken it for an assault and would reacted accordingly.