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Thread: Interior/dash shot of '76 TA

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    Interior/dash shot of '76 TA

    (For Rick and other Second Gen. F-car fans.)

    Here's a shot of the dashboard area of my '76 TA. It is all original except for three small things: The aftermarket stereo (I have the original Am/FM unit restored and ready to re-install), the 160 mph speedo ('76 cars originally had a 100 mph speedo; I replaced mine with an earlier unit) and the shifter plate for the transmission, which if you look closely has positions for four forward speeds, not just D 2 and L. My car has a four-speed OD transmission now.)

    Note the electric rear defrost and power door lock switches on the far right of the dashboard. These were fairly rare options in '76. The car also has power windows, the optional "custom" interior with Horsecollar seats and an 8-track player. The only factory options not present are the rear console and cruise control.
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