Any of you guys seen this/used it?

It's basically Dow "blue board" styrofoam insulation but with nail strips on each end, so you can apply drywall or panelling directly to the board (no need to build a stud wall). It's designed to finish basement walls and I'm thinking about using it to complete one of the rooms in our basement, which I'm planning to make into our home gym.

From what I gather the panels save a step (studding the walls) and also do a good job of insulating block/poured walls, which prevents moisture build up from condensation, etc.

The main downside is that with no cavity in the wall you can't run wire, but that's not an issue for me in this case because I only plan to do the two block walls, chiefly so they're insulated. The other two walls are normal studded walls w/wire & outlets, etc. already finished w/drywall.

Any of you have ay thoughts on the Dow system?