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Thread: 10 rules for dealing with the police

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    10 rules for dealing with the police

    An interesting film, hosted by the Cato Institute.

    Chip H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiph View Post
    An interesting film, hosted by the Cato Institute.

    Chip H.
    My opinion:

    It's important to say/do nothing that will (or could be) used against you in court; be polite - but do not consent to any search, do not admit to guilt, do not answer leading questions. If the cop tries to interrogate you, assert your 5th Amendment rights and decline to speak further. You may be arrested, but this is preferable to submitting to a trained cop's attempt to get you to say something incriminating which he will use against you.

    Be polite; speak in a clear voice in moderate tones. Do not do (or say) anything that could be construed as aggressive. Bite your to tongue, even if it hurts.

    It may help you with the cop - if the cop is not an asshole - if you behave calmly, as per above, and comply with requests such as providing ID and registration, etc. I have found - personal anecdote - that presenting a concealed carry permit can be helpful, but this may be just in my area, which is rural (and where the cops tend to be gun enthusiasts). In any event, showing the CC permit shows the cop you have no felony record and this may put him at ease.

    If you have done something genuinely obnoxious, don't try to act as though you didn't do nuffins... this will only annoy the cop and encourage him to do his worst.

    If you haven't done something legitimately wrong, there is a decent chance you can talk your way out of it, or get a warning - if you are deferential, polite and cooperative...

    Just my 50 cents...

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